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Featured Projects:

The Maden Family Home:

The Maden Family Home, in Bolingbroke, GA, has contracted with Southern Gardener to create a planting plan, irrigation plan, circulation pattern, and cost analysis...
Please follow this link to view the planting palette:

City of Jeffersonville, Georgia Streetscape:

The City of Jeffersonville, Georgia contracted with T. Lake Environmental Design Group to revamp Railroad Street in Jeffersonville, Georgia.  The streetscape creates a pedestrian oriented environment. 

Southern Gardener did not take part in any design aspects of the project, but was tasked to provide a masterplan rendering of the future development.

Please follow this link to view the rendering:

Summerville Installation:

Summerville, located in Athens, Georgia, is a residential neighborhood influenced by the New Urbanism Movement.  New Urbanism is an urban design movement, which promotes walkable neighborhoods that contain a range of housing and job types.  New Urbanism is strongly influenced by urban design standards prominent before the rise of the automobile and encompasses principles such as traditional neighborhood design and transit-oriented development.  

Summerville promotes and encourages neighborhood interaction through its design.  Lot sizes are smaller than traditional neighborhood developments to maximize community space for the neighborhood, which then promotes interaction between neighbors.  Summerville also separates vehicular circulation from pedestrian circulation by street trees which line the development, further encouraging a pedestrian oriented community.  The street trees also provide shade during the summer months along the sidewalk  for walking under.  

Summerville is planted with mostly native and/or naturalized plants to reduce water consumption.  

As a crew foreman for Garden South Landscaping & Design, Trey Crisp, oversaw the installations of both the planting plan and irrigation plan.  He also installed and supervised the installation of brick courtyards during the construction phase of the project.    

Please follow this link to view images of the Summerville neighborhood:
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