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Southern Plants
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Design Consultation Rate:  $75.00/hr     

Design Rate:  $75.00/hr

Feasibliltiy Study/Cost Analysis Rate:  $75.00/hr.

Installation Rate:       Installation rates are based on a per project bid due to price
                                fluctuations in materials and size of project.

Demolition/Site Preparation Rate:  Demo./Site Prep. rates are based on a per project
                                                    bid due to scale of project.

***Free Landscape Maintenance Estimates***

Maintenance Options:        Option 1                    Option 2                      Option 3
  -Yearly Contract                   x                               x
  -Mowing                               x                               x                          
  -Edging                                 x                               x
  -Blowing                               x                               x                                  x
  -Tree Pruning                        x                                                                   x
  -Shrub Pruning                      x                                                                   x
  -Spraying                              x                                                               
     *Maintenance rates are based on a per client contract/bid due to lot size.
     **x denotes available services per option

Mulch Rate:   Mulch rates are based on a per project bid due to lot size and price
                     Examples--Wood Chips, Pinestraw, Gravel, etc.                      

Billing:  Clients can be billed on a monthly basis unless the project is paid in full upon  completion.  All balances will have a 2% finance charge added to an outstanding balance past 1 month until balance is paid in full.   

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